Saturday, August 18, 2012

Copiacabana 1995-1996

COPIACABANA takes the river as a source of inspiration for dissolving borders, transforming boundaries and mixing elements. Originating in the southern provinces that border Spain and Portugal from May to November 1996, it consists of an itinerant exhibition that floated down the Guadiana River with 300+ projects generated by artists, writers, musicians, scientists, translators and navigators. 

COPIACABANA is an open forum in which to investigate the liquid nature of borders as they pertain to the diverse nature of geopolitical territories, distinct media, historical linearity, or intellectual property. Wherever it moors, it becomes a multimedia forum which accumulates new projects and serves as a catalyst for investigating issues pertaining to the local waters, borders, economies, etc. With photocopiers and audio-video equipment made available to the public for free use, visitors are invited to add materials to the exhibition as well as take home their own personalized copy of the show.

COPIACABANA is organized by GRATIS, a collective formed by Victoria Gil, Kirby Gookin, Federico Guzmán and Robin Kahn. It is a part of ALÉM DA ÁGUA (Beyond the Water) a public art project curated by Jorge Castanho, and Mar Villaespesa for the Guadiana River and its environs.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Copilandia 2005-2006

COPILANDIA is a copyright-free island that multiplies, disseminates and celebrates the free exchange of art and ideas. Situated in Sevilla, on a boat moored in the Guadalquivir River, it is equipped with art materials, copiers of all media, computers, and sound systems. 

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GRATIS is Victoria Gil, Kirby Gookin, Federico Guzman and Robin Kahn

Copilandia Scrapbook